Listening For Don Murray With Ben Selvin

Don Murray didn’t live nearly long enough for me to tire of his playing—but who lives to a thousand? I’m always eager to hear more of his bright, spiraling clarinet and gorgeous sax work from the few years he recorded during his tragically short life. So, based on some leads from far more experienced listeners, I shook one discographical branch.

This open document collects my listening and uneducated guesses. Please feel free to add your own annotations and comments or just enjoy the music!

More Don Murray? Click Here.

Don Murray in Paris during 1928. Cropped from Mark Berresford’s photo shared on the Bixography forum.
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2 thoughts on “Listening For Don Murray With Ben Selvin

  1. jazzlives says:

    This is really impressive work — high-level research of the kind that Twenties jazz usually doesn’t get. I am of two minds, though, as to whether the title of this posting should have been OOH, MAYBE IT’S DON MURRAY . . . but how many would get the reference? Beautifully done.

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