If You’re Reading This, I’m Grateful

These are frightening and frustrating times. Many of us now likely feel uncertainty and powerlessness amidst an unending news cycle of mortal import. We’re forced to stock up, hunker down, and seal ourselves off. Yet technology allows us some connection. It used to seem like a convenience that cuts people off from one another; it’s quickly becoming a necessity just to stay in touch.

The virtual millimeter of technology before you doesn’t usually broach such somber topics. When I started this blog, it was a way to find likeminded listeners, share my thoughts with them, and learn from people who had been listening longer and deeper than me. At some point, “sharing my thoughts” began to seem more like a statement of vanity than a reflection of curiosity. I tried to be modest when offering my opinions as well as accurate when providing information. Still, at some point, just putting my thoughts out there began to feel self-indulgent. Combined with other responsibilities vying for my time, updating this blog fell away.

Choosing a global pandemic as the time to be this publicly self-focused might be an irony bordering on insensitivity. Yet this time also forces us to suspend our routines. Pauses often lead to perspective. In my case, this blog now seems like a wonderful opportunity to connect with people. I’ve been introduced to intelligent, thoughtful, and kind individuals from around the world I probably would have never otherwise encountered. I sometimes feel embarrassed that it was merely due to my own subjective two cents. The internet often feels like a bottomless swear jar that doesn’t need more spare change. Nowadays, my two cents seems like a small price to pay. Communication means life, life means possibility, and possibility is where everything has to start.

If you are reading this, it probably means you are healthy and safe enough to sit down with my words on a cold lit screen. That possibility comforts me, so I want to thank you and wish you continued health, security, and hope. The usual subject matter here is of interest to such a small percentage of the global population. That population is now facing even more than the standard colossal share. Yet if you are able to grab a few moments of interest or joy anywhere, even my little blog, it means you are one of the fortunate ones.

To expand on a friend’s favorite phrase, “may your happiness increase,” because it can be such a rare commodity.


3 thoughts on “If You’re Reading This, I’m Grateful

  1. Doo-wah, doo-wah, doo-wah. Thank you for sending the mellow sermon to all of us!

  2. Thanks, Andrew, for such a thoughtful post – I don’t think any of us like to say that we’re using our furlough time as an opportunity, but with work on indefinite hold and domestic routines out of the window, surely this is a chance to do stuff that we can so easily talk ourselves out of. Not because we think our thoughts on our subject are so important, but because it connects us with the rest of the world, when beyond our front door lies an uneasy silence. Happier circumstances would be nice, admittedly…

    I hope you’re well, and you’re keeping busy scrutinising the worlds of detail enveloped by three-minute jazz epiphanies. Oh, and I’ve often been hoodwinked by Joe Smith as well, waiting for him to erupt from a Fletcher Henderson record when he’d rather just simmer a little.

    Stay well,


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