My Attempted Don Murray Discography

The following grew from a pet project of taking occasional notes on and finding as much music as possible made by one of my favorite musicians, Don Murray. I had collected a lot of information from incredible resources such as Tom Lord’s online Jazz Discography, Johnson and Shirley’s American Dance Bands On Records And Film and Albert Haim’s Bixography web forum. Yet my ears can only take me so far, so I am sharing this discography to benefit from more experienced and/or sensitive ears than mine. It can be accessed online here.

I also want to emphasize that this is a personal project and therefore only reflects my own subjective i.e. imperfect tastes and reactions to these recordings. It has also been assembled over the years between instances of real life, so it’s admittedly not the most elegant or conventionally designed discography. Above all, I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies, misattributions or other purely unintentional mistakes and I look forward to correcting them.

So, if you know more about these recordings or (fingers crossed) know of other Don Murray recordings, “have at it.” Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “My Attempted Don Murray Discography

  1. jazzlives says:

    My favorite part in all this — aside from my admiration of the massive effort — is the annotator’s “not going near it” for SUGAR. There, Sir, is what wisdom looks like. And with what delighted relief did I find myself perceiving the Pettis Paradise, where Murray can be heard on side after side. Too bad it wasn’t always like that.

  2. Hal Smith says:

    I wish more people would be as proactive as you are — with regard to documenting recordings by underappreciated musicians!

  3. Mike McQuade says:

    Checked on 7/23/18, and unable to access the file. 😦

    • AJS says:

      Mike, my apologies but I had to take the open link down to the (almost impressive) amount of spam. I emailed you a new link a few days ago. Have fun!

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