Our Hero Stops To Consider His Place In The Universe…

…or at least the blogosphere:


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6 thoughts on “Our Hero Stops To Consider His Place In The Universe…

  1. jazzlives says:

    The taxonomy (or is it a Venn diagram?) may be right but the proportions are all off. The blue dot is much larger from my perspective.

    • Andrew J. Sammut says:

      Technically, it is a stacked Venn diagram, and quantity of viewers is not necessarily directly proportionate to the quality of readership. I am happy for my little slice of the web!

  2. mcquaidjazz says:

    We can be thankful that popularity doesn’t determine the extent to which something is worthwhile/enjoyable!

  3. pwlsax says:

    It’s been a pleasure to share this little circle of Hell with you.

    • Andrew J. Sammut says:

      Tell me what you really think/thought about it, Paul! All kidding aside, the pleasure is mutual.

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