Colin Hancock’s One-Man Creole Jazz Band

The following is the first I have ever heard of Colin Hancock, but what an introduction:

Mr. Hancock plays all of the instruments and Mr. Jorni Budich made this (beautiful) acoustic transfer of the music. The result is impressive and (for this listener) at times a little eery, like looking just a little too long at a wax sculpture of a good friend.

Having said that, I hope they both continue to make these recordings and post them on YouTube. Their work lets us consider both this style and this recording technology as more than just a historical compromise.

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10 thoughts on “Colin Hancock’s One-Man Creole Jazz Band

  1. Rob Chalfen says:

    I’m assuming he makes a multi-track recording which is then played back via speaker into an acoustical horn. Pretty impressive however – doesn’t quite have the oomph of the actual Creole Band, but who does?

    • Andrew J. Sammut says:

      I admire their sincerity when it comes to both the style as well as the unique sound of this technology. I also enjoyed that “Hot Lips” performance: nice to hear another aspect of the very diverse jazz scene of the twenties.

  2. Thank you so much for this! Jorni and I really appreciate this post and the nice comments about the transfer. More great records coming soon!

    • Andrew J. Sammut says:

      Thanks so much for writing! I look forward to those future records.

  3. Hal Smith says:

    Hearing Colin Hancock’s recordings makes me feel MUCH better about the future of classic Jazz.

    • Andrew J. Sammut says:

      If you don’t mind my saying, coming from you that is some very high praise for his work, Hal.

  4. Hal Smith says:

    I mean it!!!

  5. Christian Van den Broeck says:

    Beautiful work!!! We want more!!!!!!!

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