Jacobs on Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater: “What Are There, Like A Million Recordings Of It Already?”

z01839ns2cbRene Jacobs said he is thrilled to start recording modern premiers of several operas by Pergolesi once he finishes work on “another fucking version of the Stabat Mater.

Jacobs also praised Pergolesi’s vocal writing and sensitive style. “Pergolesi became incredibly popular despite such a short life. He left behind just a handful of works but they show so many sides of him. Too bad record labels keep sitting on the same finger and rotating.”

When asked if he thought audiences were ready to hear more from this composer, the esteemed conductor and scholar shrugged and noted, “Who the hell knows? Asking what classical audiences enjoy is like asking where a cat will pee: they could go anywhere, but god forbid you move the same litter box they’ve been using their whole lives.” Currently he is also finishing up the one millionth recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.


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