Too Good to Miss: Lady Day, Jesus Christ and A Bad Mother’s Son in Law

Billie Holiday Literally Finding Her Voice

Downbeat magazine has posted Dave Dexter Jr.’s “classicinterview with Billie Holiday from 1939.  Among (perhaps apocryphal) anecdotes about Artie Shaw‘s relentlessly serious self-image and some honesty concerning her first recording, Holiday speaks frankly about troubles on the road, looking forward to an “unglamorous and unprofitable” future and her hatred of “straight singing.”  Probably worth rereading even if you’ve been there and done that article, and definitely worth getting the electronic word out.

As for that first record she cut, this writer has always enjoyed the singer as well as the sidemen:

yet his favorite Holiday record, based on further subjective, uncritical criterion, remains “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm“:

It turns out Holiday had an enviable future, she just wasn’t around to see it.

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2 thoughts on “Too Good to Miss: Lady Day, Jesus Christ and A Bad Mother’s Son in Law

  1. Tim Brosnan says:

    I really enjoyed this post. One of my first dates with my wife (31+ years ago) was to the Benny Goodman Reunion Concert at Carnegie Hall. I can still remember it like it was last week.
    Have a great vacation!

    • M. Figg says:

      Thanks so much, Tim! Glad you enjoyed this. That sounds like a helluva’ first date, you both had to have known you were both “keepers” based on that, lol!

      Thanks again for reading and commenting, and for subscribing!

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