Have You Ever Felt That Way?

“Have You Ever Felt That Way” from Clarence Williams’ Jazz Kings, on the CD “Whoop It Up: Columbia Recordings Vol. 2” Frog DGF17. Released: 1997.
Clarence Williams’ Jazz Kings: Ed Allen (cnt) Albert Socarras (cl,as,fl) Arville Harris (cl,ts) James P. Johnson (p) prob. Leroy Harris (bj) Clarence Williams (vcl).
recorded New York, February 5, 1929.


One thought on “Have You Ever Felt That Way?

  1. Trygve Hernæs says:

    Wonderful Clarence Williams Jazz Kings. Jazz does not need drums to swing. The only instrument I miss here. is the tuba of Cyrus St. Clair. Great transfer from 78 by John R. T. Davies.

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