Labor Day Sounds and Gratitude

Happy Labor Day!  This one is for all the ladies and gentleman in the recording studio or recovering from last night’s late gig; King Oliver and his band felt your pain:

For all of the music educators preparing to teach a fresh batch of bands and theory majors, here’s something by esteemed French pedagogue Xavier Lefèvre, a tuneful and occasionaly tortuous exercise from his Méthode de Clarinette [click to listen]:

Lefevre: Sonata 8 in F, 3.Allegretto Rondeau

To all the wedding bands, pit orchestras, studio sidemen, audio engineers, band directors, music appreciation instructors and to anyone else who makes music possible: thank you.

They Don’t Want to Play “That Song from ‘Titanic,'” but They Will ‘Cause Aunt Zelda Requested It.

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