Greetings and Gratitude from Home

Just a note to readers that I’ve been having a great time on vacation in my hometown of New York City (and from what my housesitter tells me, I still have a house to come back to!).  I’ve heard, purchased, bumped into and in one case stalked a lot of terrific music while in town, while enjoying the sheer variety of art, food and experience this city has to offer.

I’ve also received some great encouragement about this blog while visiting NYC.  I wanted to thank everyone for reading, commenting, sharing and supporting Aesthetic, Not Anesthetic.  Thanks also to all of my new followers on Twitter: I hope you’ve enjoyed my Tweet play-by-play of this trip.

Thanks for your support and for keeping the Pop of Yestercentury going.  More blog posts to follow.  Now, another of my father’s artery-inundating breakfast platters…

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