Building a Better Blog(ger)

Parental edicts to “shut up and listen” seemed awfully harsh when I was little, but that advice sounds more sage every year.

As such, yours truly will be taking two weeks off from blogging, to listen, to learn, listen some more and then listen again, without putting any thoughts to screen (hopefully my eyes won’t go into LCD withdrawal).

Please keep those subscriptions active (and if you’re not a subscriber, please click the link at the right to join the party), and tune in two weeks from now for more music that’s still “live” even if some of its creators aren’t: there will be more coverage of great concerts and CDs, an extended piece on all the work that goes into bringing the sounds of the twenties to life, further Domenica con Vivaldi and more pop of yestercentury.

See you in two weeks!

Miles Davis Attempts to Say Something Everyone Can Agree With


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