Concert Review: Musicians of the Old Post Road at Emmanuel Church in “Winter’s Cheer”

The sounds of winter and the thrill of discovery with Musicians of the Old Post Road this weekend: here’s my coverage on The Boston Musical Intelligencer:

“Winter’s Cheer,” Perennial Insights from MOPR

For readers enjoying their holiday seasons outside the region, here’s a sample of what New Englanders get to enjoy (which more than makes up for single digit temperatures and unpredictable sports outcomes):

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3 thoughts on “Concert Review: Musicians of the Old Post Road at Emmanuel Church in “Winter’s Cheer”

  1. Anna Shlimovich says:

    I was so glad to see the music/video clip with Kristen Watson! She seems to be a marvelous soprano, I wish to hear Musicians singing more less-known music which is such a discovery, as this Bononcini, who is presented on some CDs as separate tracks but I could never find a complete opera of him in recording.
    Thanks again,
    Anna Shlimovich

    • M. Figg says:

      Thanks as always for reading and for commenting, Anna! Glad you enjoyed the clip. I believe MOPR is including Bononcini’s “Nightingale” aria on their upcoming CD. As for complete Bononcini works, Chiara Banchini and Ensemble 415 released a sterling recording of his <em>La Nemica d’Amore fatta Amante some years ago, and there are several collections of his cantatas (two of which received good reviews in the November 2011 issue of Gramophone. Hope this helps, in the meantime happy listening!

      • Anna Shlimovich says:

        Dear Andrew, thank you for such a detailed and informative response! I cannot find the recording you recommend in our Minuteman library network, but they appear to have another one: Barbara ninfa ingrata, with tenor voice which seems quite unusual; I will listen to it soon. Indeed would be so great to hear an opera by this composer or especially I’d love to hear Hasse – at his time he was rivaling Bach in artistic value, so to speak…How fashion changes!
        I wish you Merry Christmas and lots of marvelous music next year!


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